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1550nm External Modulation Optical Transmitter(Top Model)

Main Applications

1. Large and medium-sized CATV head-end, large capacity backbone network, ultra long distance transmission.

2. FTTH、FTTx PON、RFOG、Triple-play.

3. Narrow band inserted data services such as IPQAM.

4 .Network upgrading and capacity expansion based on existing optical fiber resource.

5.DWDM  System

  OLT2000E series is 1550nm externally modulated transmitter with the best performance and the highest index. It is the first choice for long-distance transmission and large area covered local networks. It is applied to:  the optical modulation and optical insertion of large and medium-sized 1550nm optical transmission system; the upgrading and expansion of WDM and its related networks. It is the core equipment of 1550nm network transmission system to for triple-play and  FTTx.

1.It adopts narrow bandwidth & low-noise DFB laser as signal source, and high linear LiNbO3 external modulator as external signal modulation.

2. The perfect pre-distortion circuit ensures perfect performance of CTB and CSO in high standard CNR value.

3. Advanced SBS dual band suppression circuit, SBS continuously adjustable, adjustment range: 13~19 for different distance networks. 

4. Automatic gain (AGC) control enables stable output in different RF input levels.

5. Different networks can be optimized by OMI adjustment.

6. Fully automatic case temperature control, intelligent fans, the fans starts to work when case temperature reaches 30 ℃.

7. Built-in dual standby power supply,  hot plug in/out and automatic switching supported.

8. The operating parameters of the whole machine are controlled by microprocessor, and the LCD status display on the front panel has many functions such as laser status monitoring, parameter display, fault alarm, network management, etc.; once the operating parameters of the laser deviate from the allowed range set by the software, the system will alarm promptly.

9. Standard RJ45 interface provided, supporting remote network management of SNMP and WEB, and remote adjustment of AGC, SBS, OMI and other functions.