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1550nm Multiport EYDFA( 2RU with CWDM)

 Main Applications

1. FTTH, FTTx PON, Triple-play

2.Network upgrading and capacity expansion based on existing optical fiber resource.

  OLAH-1550 series 1550nm high-power fiber amplifier adopts two-stage amplification, the first stage adopts low-noise EDFA, the second stage adopts high-power EYDFA, the total output optical power can reach 40dBm. It can replace several or dozens of EDFA, which can greatly reduce the cost of network building  and maintenance and reduce the space of head-end . Each output port is built in with CWDM to multiplex CATV signal and OLT PON Data flow. The device will play an increasingly important role in the process of continuous extension and expansion of optical fiber network. It provides a high stability but low cost solution for the triple-play and large area coverage of FTTH.

  Optional dual fiber inputs, in fact, built-in with a set of complete optical switch system , which can be used as the backup of A and B optical path. When the main optical line fails or lower than the threshold value, the device will automatically switch to the standby optical line to ensure the continuous operating of the device. The product is mainly used in optical fiber ring network or redundant backup network, It is featured in short switching time (< 8ms), low loss (< 0.8dbm ), and  can be forced manually switched.

  The core components adopts the top brand pump laser and double cladding active fiber. The optimized optical circuit design and manufacturing process ensure the best optical performance. The perfect electronic controlled  APC (automatic power control), ACC (automatic current control) and ATC (automatic temperature control) are adopted to ensure high stability and reliability of output power, as well as excellent optical performance.

  MPU (microprocessor) with high stability and precision is adopted in the system. The optimized thermal structure design , good ventilation and heat dissipation design ensure the long life and high reliability of the device. Based on the powerful network management function of TCP / IP protocol, network monitoring and head-end management can be carried out for the status of multiple node equipment through RJ45 network management interface, supporting multiple power supply redundancy configurations (AC220v / 110V and DC 48v), which improved the practicability and reliability of the device.

1. It adopts the top brand pump laser and double cladding active fiber.

2. Each output port is built in with CWDM

3. Compatible with any FTTx PON:EPON、GPON、10GPON.

4. Perfect APC, ACC and ATC optical circuit design ensures low noise, high output and high reliability of the device in the whole operating band (1545 ~ 1565nm).

5. It has the function of automatic protection of low input or no input. When the input optical power is lower than the set value, the laser will automatically shut down to protect  the laser.

6. Output adjustable, adjustment range : 0~-4dBm.

7. RF test in the front panel(optional).

8. The switching time of optical switch is short and the loss is small. It has the functions of automatic switching and forced manual switching.

9. Built- in dual power supply, automatically switched and hot plug supported

10.The operating parameters of the whole machine are controlled by  microprocessor, and the LCD status display on the front panel has many functions such as laser status monitoring, parameter display, fault alarm, network management, etc.; once the operating parameters of the laser deviate from the allowed range set by the software, the system will alarm promptly.

11. Standard RJ45 interface is provided, supporting SNMP and WEB remote network management.