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Optical Platform Chasiss

Main Applications

1.CATV Head-end,main head-end ect.


3.Narrow data services such as IPQAM

4.To improve the flexibility and convertibility of network wavelength

5. Network upgrading and capacity expansion based on existing optical fiber resource.

6.DWDM system CATV large capacity backbone network and MAN.


  TOS2000TJK CATV optical transmission platform  is an integrated communication platform developed to adapt to the development of modern HFC MAN, which is specially designed to meet the requirements of intensive installation of equipment in the head-end of MAN. According to the modular design concept of communication equipment, the platform is designed with two power supply modules and 18 function modules in a standard chassis of 19 "4RU, and an intelligent and centralized monitoring unit is provided. The platform is featured in  convenient installation and flexible configuration; The powerful intelligent centralized status monitoring unit can monitor the operating parameters of each module in the chassis in real time, and realize automatic audible and visual alarm in case of sudden failure; The dual power supply hot standby structure, together with the temperature control system controlled by the intelligent processor, effectively improves the reliability and stability of the system. The optical communication platform is equipped with a network management transponder that conforms to the national standard. It can easily realize centralized monitoring of network management through Ethernet. It is the preferred product for building a high-performance HFC MAN broadband network.

1.High integration, standard 19”4RU chassis , 2 power supplies and 18 function modules can be inserted to save the space occupied by the equipment and improve the effective utilization rate of existing head-end.

2.With high intelligence, it can automatically identify the module model on each slot. It provides a friendly human-computer interface, simple operation, which fully embodies the modern design concept of industrial equipment humanization.

3.Built- in dual power supply , when adding modules, it does not need to turn off the system power supply, automatic switching, which ensure the continuous operation of the whole system to the greatest extent.

4.Full-automatic temperature control case, the unique cooling air duct, cooling slot design and seven high-power frequency modulation intelligent fans are used. The corresponding fans turn on automatically according to the actual number of modules . The fans support online replacement, which improves the reliability of the whole system.

5.The reserved power space of power supply is sufficient, only one power supply can meet the requirements of the whole chassis, and at the same time, dual power supply hot standby is provided.

6.LCD display, the centralized monitoring unit adopts a powerful 32-bit processor, large-scale lattice display screen, all modules are controlled by microprocessor, and communicate with the main control module through the serial bus, the display screen directly displays the working status of each application module and power supply in real time, and the module has an independent temperature indication function.

7.Strong network compatibility, Ethernet follows 10BASE-T / 100BASE-TX IEEE-802.3, automatic MDI / MDI-X cross, can adapt to various switches.

  8.Standard RJ45 interface is provided, supporting remote network management of SNMP and WEB, It follows system interface of SCTE HMS network management standard and IEC international network management standard, to realizes local or remote intelligent management of application module and power supply.